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Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction

Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction

Explore the genres of Fantasy and Sci-Fi as you brainstorm your own speculative fiction novel.

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Thank you for enrolling in my course. I hope your journey of creation is enjoyable and inspiring!

Daniel Schwabauer
Award-winning author, creator of 'One Year Novel' writing program.
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Discover the power to bring your Sci-Fi or Fantasy novel to life.

Designed to help you examine your story ideas from unexpected angles, you'll use concrete steps and patterns of conflict to learn the method to outline your story in just four brief pages.

  • Learn the history and theories behind the world's most influential genres
  • Discover how to tell which ideas will work in a story and which ones won't
  • Explore the key concept of 'otherness' in world-building

Master the art of speculative fiction with Daniel Schwabauer's 'Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction'.

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June 9, 2021
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