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Increase your reach, influence, and impact on social media with our hand curated collection of cutting-edge tools and resources designed by industry insiders. 

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3.8 billion people.

That’s how many people use social media.

Every. Single. Day.

For creators, brand owners, and businesses the benefits of social media are almost a given at this point.

With a strong social media presence, you can:

  • Drive traffic to your website for free
  • Promote your brand to billions of potential buyers
  • Build meaningful relationships with your fans / following / clients
  • Keep your brand front and center of people’s minds
  • Attract new followers / fans / clients
  • Generate new leads
  • Increase sales

The problem is: the landscape is always changing.

What worked yesterday may not work today.

That's why you need the most cutting edge information and tools to make a splash on today's platforms.

And that's exactly why we created The Social Media Influencer Super Stack.

Skyrocket your brand online

The Social Media Influencer Super Stack is a hand-curated collection of 34 cutting-edge tools and resources designed by industry insiders that will get your brand front and center in the hearts and minds of your customers (that that ultimately means more profit for you).

With The Social Media Influencer Super Stack you can:

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Get the latest hacks that are working RIGHT NOW to grow your reach and revenue on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.
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Supercharge your brand and build a massive, loyal following online.
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Discover the secret to driving hungry customers to your offers every day on autopilot.
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Get more traffic to your offers with pre-curated content you can quickly customize and publish with minimal editing.
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Automate your social media marketing so you can spend more time sharing, teaching, and profiting.
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Generate brand new leads every day and turn “taps” and “clicks” into cold, hard cash.
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Just a few of the reasons we think you'll ❤️ The Social Media Influencer Super Stack:
Expert Contributor
"The Social Media Influencer Super Stack is going to change the game of online business! If you want to scale and grow, THIS will help you do it!"
Lisa Pezik
International Best-Selling Author and Speaker, Global Online Business Strategist and Content Expert.
Expert Contributor
"I’m so excited about the Social Media Influencer Super Stack! I don’t know if there is anywhere you can find such value content from top leaders in the social media community bundled into one stack at this price. It’s an honor to share my content with you and help you grow your Instagram!"
Timeesha DuncanAward-Winning Speaker, International #1-Best-Selling Author, Personal Brand Strategist, and Instagram Growth Expert.
Expert Contributor
"If there is one thing I stand behind for growing your online business, it's social media. More people than ever are online right now and now is the best time to get your work seen by others."
Victoria HockadayCreator of Pinterest Growth Accelerator, Awarded "42 Under 42 Business Owners to Watch Out For" by Insider Media, and featured in She Owns It and Course Method.
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"The tools you will get from this stack can completely change and transform the skills you have...and those skills will last you forever."

Anthony McGuire
Creator of TikTok Marketing & Advertising 101, author and founder of Frontier X consultancy, and former Facebook & Instagram Global Partnerships Manager.

Supercharge Your Online Brand and Profit Like Never Before.

We crammed $7,253.87 worth of best-in-class tools, training, and resources into this collection...
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Ready to take a sneak peak inside  The Social Media Influencer Super Stack?

Get instant access to 34 premium resources worth $7,253.87 in total retail value:

Social Media Masterplan

Lifetime Access

Build authority, get enthusiastic followers, increase sales, and become the go-to expert in your field.

Grab the invaluable tool that helps entrepreneurs build a strong online presence that converts even in hard times. Includes over 900 social media post ideas planned out over 15 months in an easy-to-follow social media calendar.

It has never been easier to double engagement, grow your fan base, position yourself as an expert, and increase your sales. This easy-to-use, professionally planned out social media content is designed to remove all the guesswork and complication!

Here's what's inside:

  • 15 Months of social media content planned out for you in advance with over 900 social media post ideas.
  • 115 Killer Ideas: 'What to Post on Social Media'.
  • 55 Inspirational quotes & 121 questions to ask on social media to spark engagement.

Not only that, but you also get 100 premium social media templates available exclusively with the Coach to Profit 2.0 Super Stack.

Get the social media advantage with Michal Wurm's 'Social Media Masterplan'.

Social Media Masterplan by Michal Wurm

Michal Wurm

Seasoned entrepreneur, designer, and marketing and brand consultant. Author of Social Media Masterplan and Online Business Launchpad.
"I am so impressed, what you have created is amazing, and whilst I have only looked at 1/4 of it my mind is already buzzing with a million new ideas. Thank you!” – Rosey Moorhouse

Liinks Premium (4 month subscription)

4 Month Access

One powerful link to direct your audience to multiple destinations on the internet.
Get the new link in bio easy-to-use tool that gives you unprecedented control over the look and feel of your online presence. Access powerful customization options, as well as other advanced functionalities to supercharge your brand.
Enjoy the freedom to:

  • Automatically publish links from the captions of your Instagram posts and review full analytics.
  • Schedule links to show and hide on a given date and time.
  • Draw attention to a link with eye-catching animation.

Grab the power to share your content fast with Liinks Premium (4 month subscription).

Liinks Premium (4 month subscription) by Charlie Clark

Charlie Clark

Founder of Liinks.co
"If you have any kind of business with lots of links, check out Liinks... They totally rock." - Nina Soro

Become a YouTube Ninja; 30 Day Planner

Lifetime Access

Share highly valuable content with a planner filled with 30 days of YouTube video topics!
Perfect for those who have not started a YouTube Channel but want to, or for those who have one but want to create a new foundation with 30 great videos to make you shine.
Structured so you can use the materials for years to come, we've kept it simple and quick to outline a video with a reminder of what you want your viewers to do at the end.
Get topics to discuss that center around:

  • you and your business.
  • how you work and what makes you shine.
  • plus best practices and valuable content to keep subscribers coming back for more.

Stand out with fresh and engaging content with Amanda Bar's 'Become a YouTube Ninja; 30 Day Planner'.

Become a YouTube Ninja 30 Day Planner by Amanda Bar

Amanda Bar

Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, and Author of "Become a Youtube Ninja; 30 Day Planner"
"RTB Capital's ebook, "Become a Youtube Ninja; 30 Day Planner" was exactly what I needed. I just followed the video topic for the day, filled in a few bullet points and shot my videos on my phone. It was amazing and the topics they provided made my channel so valuable within 30 Days! I'm continuing to shoot videos and grow my channel now!" - Kate F.

Winning At Social Customer Care: How Top Brands Create Engaging Experiences On Social Media

Lifetime Access

Create engaging social media experiences like a top brand.
From conversations with dozens of business leaders and his own real-world experience at multiple Fortune 300 companies, Dan Gingiss has developed a series of best practices called “8 Steps to Winning at Social Customer Care.”

Inside, you'll learn the secrets to:

  • Navigate social media’s role in the customer experience.
  • Develop your own Social Customer Care Philosophy.
  • Find the right technology provider for your company.

Level up your online brand with Dan Gingiss 's 'Winning At Social Customer Care: How Top Brands Create Engaging Experiences On Social Media'.

Winning At Social Customer Care by Dan Gingiss

Dan Gingiss

Customer experience speaker, coach, author, and podcaster with 20-year marketing background
"This isn’t just any book, it’s a handbook for creating the best human experiences for your customers. Dan Gingiss walked the walk by making the book itself an experience. Bravo!!" – Bryan Kramer, TED Speaker, USA Today Best-Selling Author, Business Coach

LinkedIn Masterclass Platinum Package

12 Month Access

Use LinkedIn to quickly target buyers who need your products or services.
Discover how to fill your sales pipeline with new businesses to target, strategically message key decision-makers, and attract your ideal buyer to message you first. If you are struggling to find new deals and new prospects for your business, you aren't alone.

You'll learn:

  • Social media strategies and tactics and how to master LinkedIn groups.
  • Create and set realistic goals and gain powerful insights.
  • How to execute meaningful connections, and speak to decision-makers.

Plus get weekly coaching to help keep you on track

Get your customers to come to you with Harrison Baron's 'LinkedIn Masterclass Platinum Package'.

LinkedIn Masterclass Platinum Package by Harrison Baron

Harrison Baron

Founder of Growth Generators & Creator of LinkedIn Sales Masterclass
"I took Harrison's course as well as his coaching program, and it transformed my financial life. In 90 days after implementing everything, I was able to go from struggling and being a bottom performer to the lead salesperson. I was able to 5x my sales from the previous year and create the wealth I was hoping for. I am continuously a top performer, and can't recommend the course and classes enough." - Rich Hopkins

Creating a Social Media Strategy

12 Month Access

Increase your leads, sales, and website traffic with the power of social media.

Discover how social media can contribute to your overall internet marketing strategy and turn followers into buying customers.

Inside you'll learn:

  • Why social media marketing is important for every business and the process that will turn your followers into buyers.
  • How to identify your target audience and create posts your audience will love.
  • How to build online relationships with your followers and build your email list.

Turn leads into profit with Adonis Anastasiou's  'Creating a Social Media Strategy'.

Creating a Social Media Strategy by Adonis Anastasiou

Adonis Anastasiou

Founder of Adonis Business Academy and an international speaker on digital marketing.
"Creating a Social Media Strategy gave me a clear understanding of what I have to do in order to promote my services through social media. In an easy to understand language. The course make it easy for me to understand what I have to do in order to increase my sales and leads. Finally, a course that makes sense and easy to follow." - Shalik Tiwari

Missinglettr (6 month subscription to Solo Plan)

6 Month Access

Social media posting the way it should be.
There aren't enough hours in the day to create fresh content and post consistently to all your social media channels. With Missinglettr you can easily create up to 12 months of automated social posts from one blog post and drive more traffic to your website.

All you need to do is write a post and let us do the work of sharing it out over time.

  • Save hours of time every week.
  • Automatically generate bite-size pieces of content from your existing blogs.
  • Schedule posts to share across your favorite social channels on autopilot.

Automate your social media life with Missinglettr's (6 month subscription to Solo Plan).

Missinglettr (6 month subscription to Solo Plan by Benjamin Dell

Benjamin Dell

Founder at MissingLettr, HeySummit, HelpShelf and OnboardFlow
"A magical platform that creates and schedules branded social media content while you're busy doing something else" - Laura Stanik, Brand Strategist

Instant Website Builder (6 month subscription) for your content, community & digital shop

Lifetime Access

Launch your own Spotify / Netflix style app in minutes and grow your platform to new heights.
Over 90% of content makers send customers AWAY from their website, to social media, YouTube or Spotify. This is crazy. Why send your most engaged followers away? Use social media, podcast players, and YouTube as the TOP of the funnel (to increase your reach and grow your audience). Make YOUR website THE destination. Create an incredible market-leading website and the mobile app instantly - so you can grow your business on your own platform where you 100% control your data, money, brand, content, and customers.
With Supapass, you can have your very own app and website platform that:

  • Looks and feels like Netflix/Spotify.
  • Showcases your podcast and all other content in one place.
  • Branded to YOU.
  • Captures your audience of listeners and customers in an engaging way.
  • Drives extra value for sponsors and advertisers.
  • Offers a way to monetize your content and keep 100% of your patron donations, membership, and subscriptions.

SupaPass is the easiest way to build your digital business with award-winning instant payment-ready websites and mobile apps for your content and community. Easy, affordable, launch within days!
With Podcast to Profit, you get 6 months of Instant Website & Digital Shop Builder free, and/or get 50% off Instant App and Website Builder.

Instant Website Builder by SupaPass

SupaPass .

Wow your followers with a gorgeous website for your videos, podcast, blog and membership, to monetize your content and build a community you own.
“SupaPass has changed my LIFE! Wowza, the new look app is incredible. Customers can now stream all my audio on any device, watch videos and lots of other content all in one place.” Amanda Frohlich, Amanda’s Action Club

Instant App & Website Builder (50% lifetime discount) for your content, community & digital shop

Lifetime Access

Launch your own Spotify / Netflix style app in minutes and grow your platform to new heights.
Over 90% of content makers send customers AWAY from their website, to social media, YouTube or Spotify. This is crazy. Why send your most engaged followers away? Use social media, podcast players, and YouTube as the TOP of the funnel (to increase your reach and grow your audience). Make YOUR website THE destination. Create an incredible market-leading website and the mobile app instantly - so you can grow your business on your own platform where you 100% control your data, money, brand, content, and customers.
With Supapass, you can have your very own app and website platform that:

  • Looks and feels like Netflix/Spotify.
  • Showcases your podcast and all other content in one place.
  • Branded to YOU.
  • Captures your audience of listeners and customers in an engaging way.
  • Drives extra value for sponsors and advertisers.
  • Offers a way to monetize your content and keep 100% of your patron donations, membership, and subscriptions.

SupaPass is the easiest way to build your digital business with award-winning instant payment-ready websites and mobile apps for your content and community. Easy, affordable, launch within days!
With Podcast to Profit, you get 6 months of Instant Website & Digital Shop Builder free, and/or get 50% off Instant App and Website Builder.

Instant App _ Website Builder by SupaPass

SupaPass .

"Wow your followers with a gorgeous website and app for your videos, podcast, blog and membership, to monetize your content and build a community you own. "
"“I couldn’t live without it. Within a week, I’d already earned 10 times more in sales than what I’d invested in the apps! This is a game changer for me.” Dr John Park, DisrupTek

Inner Circle 3 Hour LinkedIn Workshop

Lifetime Access

Turn your LinkedIn profile into a high performance lead generation machine without any expensive ads.

If you need to generate high-quality leads without spending thousands on advertising this workshop is for you.
You discover how to:

  • Optimize each section of your profile to serve as a lead generation magnet.
  • Who you need to connect with and why, plus the value of a daily ritual and why it is critical to your success.
  • Use a simple posting strategy to generate thousands of views to help you to become an authority in your industry.

Open the door to expert lead generation with Adam Houlahan's 'Inner Circle 3 Hour LinkedIn Workshop'.

Inner Circle 3 Hour LinkedIn Workshop by Adam Houlahan

Adam Houlahan

LinkedIn Expert❗3 times Amazon Best Selling Author ❗International Keynote Speaker
"If ever there was a LinkedIn dummy, it was me. Nothing I did work. No one liked me. No one commented on my well-thought outposts. No matter how hard I tried, the curtains would not part to reveal the secret of how to get noticed with my small business on LinkedIn. Then I took Prominence Global’s Workshop. It has a 'Like this Do that' teaching style, a style that takes you through the learning in a practical, step-by-step process. They pulled back the LinkedIn curtains, revealing the actions that will get you into LinkedIn jail. Now I know what not to do anymore. And my business is finally getting noticed." - Victoria

Adobe Spark - Level up your Social Media Posts & Graphics Bundle

Lifetime Access

Create amazing social media graphics, short form videos, and max out your email list.
With Adobe Spark you can take your social media and graphic design game to new heights. By the end of the course, you will be able to create your own professional graphic designs faster than ever and create popular social media posts like Youtube thumbnails, Amazon Kindle book covers, online course covers, and custom posts you can reuse over and over.

You'll learn how to:

  • Create professional-looking social media posts.
  • Master how to manage text, fonts, and designs for your posts.
  • Create branded templates with your logo, fonts, and color codes plus video editing with the video slideshow maker.

Go pro with Greg Hung's Adobe Spark 'Level up your Social Media Posts & Graphics Bundle'.

Adobe Spark - Level up your Social Media Posts _ Graphics Bundle by Greg Hung

Greg Hung

Canadian Travel Videographer Content Creator
"Greg's Videos Inspired us to come to Thailand and start our App Business" - Simon and Khwan, Co-Founders, Simiya Solutions

A Step-By-Step Guide to Building A Powerful Online Business

Lifetime Access

Discover the most important elements you need to succeed online.
Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned online pro, these steps will help you get the most of your online efforts. We'll cover everything from setting up your landing pages and funnels, analytics and tracking, marketing targeting, and strategies to what systems to use to eliminate confusion and make it super easy to generate more revenue.
From marketing and advertising, processes, checklists, and everything in between, we'll make sure you are set up to succeed. Make the most of your efforts and avoid costly mistakes that cost thousands of dollars and years of wasted time.
Max out your presence online with Luis Madrid's 'A Step-By-Step Guide to Building A Powerful Online Business'.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Building A Powerful Online Business by Luis Madrid

Luis Madrid

CEO & Co-Founder of WebForce
"Over 30k in sales the first month of launching this new framework. By using & implementing what is covered in the Guide to Building A Powerful Online Business we've been able to focus on the things that matter and stop spinning our wheels." - Tom Hegna

TikTok Marketing & Advertising 101

Lifetime Access

Drive whole new segments of buyers to your brand with top TikTok content.
Discover how you can use the world’s most underrated social media marketing channel and beat the competition with essential digital marketing skills proven to deliver disproportionately strong results to your brand.
Taught by a former Facebook Global Partnerships Manager experienced in driving the success of both big brands to small startups, you'll learn:

  • How to research trends that drive traffic, plus create eye-catching content.
  • What makes TikTok a unique and important part of your marketing strategy.
  • How other businesses are using TikTok with amazing success and how you do the same.

Gain the competitive advantage with Anthony McGuire's 'TikTok Marketing & Advertising 101'.

TikTok Marketing _ Advertising 101 by Anthony McGuire

Anthony McGuire

Creator of TikTok Marketing & Advertising 101, author and founder of Frontier X consultancy, and former Facebook & Instagram Global Partnerships Manager
"Fantastic course, a hugely detailed resource for a platform that is still a mystery to many. This is the only online learning I have found that addresses the huge potential benefits to the brand side, as well as the exciting consumer growth side. Anthony delivers the course in a clear, concise and informative way, with his multiple years of experience working at world-leading social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram really shining through. Thank you Anthony!" - Sarah B

MeetEdgar (6 month subscription)

6 Month Access

Turn your social media stress into social media success!
Your brand IS your business. So you’re understandably picky about making sure every status update you send is perfectly 'you'. But, social media posting can feel like a full-time job. With MeetEdgar, you can easily automate your content without hurting your brand integrity or looking spammy.
Access the magic of MeetEdgar to:

  • Automate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn content with a recurring schedule to publish and reshare content, even once you reach the end of your queue.
  • Save your content forever in an unlimited library and keep your social media calendar organized with color-coded categories.
  • Use Edgar’s variation feature to A/B test your social media posts, or just let Edgar write your posts for you. He automatically finds quote-worthy text from articles or blogs – simply click a button and share!

Plus, get exclusive access Edgar University, a learning hub and live office hours with MeetEdgar's social media success coach.
Streamline your brand presence online, stay consistent, plus save tons of time with Meet Edgar.

MeetEdgar 6 month subscription by Maura Hughes

Maura Hughes

The only social media app that stops your social media updates from going to waste
"The benefit of this is a never-ending schedule that keeps your social media profiles fresh, while refilling itself without your input. Use Edgar once and you may soon be calling him your BFF." -Neil Patel

How to Create Beautiful Instagram Stories: IG Secrets & Hacks to Up Your Story Game

Lifetime Access

Stand out from the crowd with stunning Instagram Stories.
Unlock the door to the Instagram secrets and hacks that will take your Story skills to the max. Get all the inside tips and tricks for crafting beautiful Instagram Stories and watch your following grow!
Get ready to discover:

  • Which apps the top influencers use to create visually appealing Stories.
  • What you need to think about and how to create a coherent and beautiful Story.
  • How to make an attention-grabbing title slide with savvy effects and hacks.

Build your Instagram brand with Claire Petersen's 'How to Create Beautiful Instagram Stories: IG Secrets & Hacks to Up Your Story Game'.

How to Create Beautiful Instagram Stories by Claire Petersen

Claire Petersen

Photographer, Course Creator, and Innovator
"Incredibly helpful, thank you! I'd been to so many classes that were vague on what to do and how to develop better Instagram skills. This was SPOT ON! A whole new world has opened up :-)" - Anonymous

The Instagram Bible

Lifetime Access

101 easy Instagram hacks to build followers, influence, and earn more money online.
Superboost your brand and build your audience with over 101 simple hacks to help you gain 10,000 Instagram followers in 30 days or less plus drive your posts and videos to the Explore page where you'll be able to reach thousands of new followers every single day.
Discover the secret to:

  • Instantly transform your bio to get people hitting the follow button.
  • Create addictive content that quickly goes viral plus how to get the right people to engage with your content (without paying for any ads).
  • Find your ideal clients with exclusive access to 20+ apps to get new followers daily, and create dopamine inducing, addictive posts, videos, and IG stories.

Unlock your Instagram brand success 101 ways with Timeesha Duncan's 'The Instagram Bible'.

The Instagram Bible by Timeesha Duncan

Timeesha Duncan

Personal Brand Strategist, Instagram Growth Expert, author and educator
“The strategies in this book work! I had about 2,000 followers and very little engagement, I now have about 9,000 subscribers and that was less than 30 days." - Debbie Williams

How to Build a Winning Pinterest SEO Strategy

Lifetime Access

Discover the Pinterest SEO strategy proven to drive more than 1 million monthly visitors to their brand.
Pinterest uses typical SEO practices like keyword research and "on page" optimization just like Google but with slight differences, you can learn to use to your advantage.
In this course you'll learn how to drive visitors to your boards with:

  • Tools to optimize your keywords and drive traffic to your brand from Pinterest's billions of search queries.
  • In-depth analytics to help you understand users and what they are looking for to perfectly tailor your Pins to target visitors.
  • Expert SEO tips and tricks to create compelling boards and how to save time with automation.

Supercharge your Pinterest presence with Maddy Osman's 'How to Build a Winning Pinterest SEO Strategy'.

How to Build a Winning Pinterest SEO Strategy by Maddy Osman

Maddy Osman

SEO Content Strategist & Founder at The Blogsmith
"Maddy finds a way to really hook you in. She's an expert on the subject and it shows. Best class I took on here!" - Laurence Mahieu

Pinterest Growth Accelerator

Lifetime Access

The #1 Pinterest step-by-step system to grow your website traffic and email list FAST.

Get the proven strategy to grow your traffic, email list, and income on auto-pilot. This simple step-by-step course will show you how to get your Pinterest presence up and running and your course-related lead magnet soaring to the top of your dream customers' feeds.

Go from overwhelmed to Pinterest pro with the know-how to…

  • Attract your perfect followers and turn them into fans and buyers of your content.
  • Create and schedule Pins, and optimize your profile and boards to convert like crazy.
  • Maximize clicks to your brand with 30+ high-converting Pinterest templates guaranteed to grow your online presence and traffic, plus access calls to action that work and much more…

Generate huge leads and grow your reach on auto-pilot with the Pinterest Growth Accelerator.

Pinterest Growth Accelerator by Victoria Hockaday

Victoria Hockaday

Creator of Pinterest Growth Accelerator
"After starting Pinterest Growth Accelerator 4 months ago, Pinterest has become my website’s top referrer. I have gained over 1,000 followers from Pinterest and my website traffic has gone from 200 page views per month to 5,000 page views a month!" - John Matthews

How to Use Pinterest Power for Business Success

Lifetime Access

Get more traffic, leads, and sales with the secret power of Pinterest.
With over 40% per year of growth, Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform that contains the highest level of buyers. Get your brand visible to over 320m actively engaged users with a proven technique to create eye-catching pins and presentation.

Unlock the secrets to:

  • Optimize your account for the best exposure with video pins, clever pin design, and catchy descriptions.
  • Target the right audience, build your following, and turn leads into sales.
  • Use top tactics for your SEO and understand your analytics to make key decisions, plus enjoy a free copy of the course creator's ebook 'The Art of Content Marketing'.

Learn powerful Pinterest tactics to grow a thriving brand with Malcolm Dewey's 'How to Use Pinterest Power for Business Success'.

How to Use Pinterest Power for Business Success by Malcolm Dewey

Malcolm Dewey

Professional artist and author at Malcolm Dewey Fine Art
"Malcolm gives solid and reliable advice and he is very generous in sharing his knowledge. I am learning so much." - Karen Le Roux

YouTube Decoded

Lifetime Access

Set your brand up for success with the strategies proven to dominate YouTube.
Take advantage of the experience and success of a WSJ and USA Today bestselling author and Breakthrough to Success podcaster with over 100k students. Create a YouTube video once, get a ton of traction and sales from that video, and keep building up your YouTube channel one video at a time.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn how to grow on YouTube and make money from the platform well before becoming a YouTube Partner.
  • Discover video ideas to expand your audience and simple strategies any YouTuber can use to grow.
  • Turn your YouTube grind into cash, understand how to sell on YouTube, and get sponsors even if you aren't a celebrity.

Shoot to superstar success with Marc Guberti's 'YouTube Decoded'.

YouTube Decoded by Marc Guberti

Marc Guberti

Host of the Breakthrough Success Podcast
"I'm enjoying it very much." - Fatema Suity

YouTube Keyword Research Goldmine

Lifetime Access

Drive massive traffic to your YouTube channel with the power to quickly create lucrative content your audience wants.
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced YouTuber, you'll discover how to boost your channel ahead of 99% of YouTubers in no time plus access a powerful method to use keywords in your videos to pull in even more exposure, views, and subscribers!

  • Discover hidden topics with untapped profit potential for your YouTube channel plus get instant data that reveals exactly which keywords are your golden opportunities to earn big.
  • Learn how to read your target audience's mind to create the exact content they will love.
  • Create only the videos your audience craves and save hundreds of hours of wasted time, effort, and resources.

Exponentially grow your YouTube presence with Gabriel Both's 'YouTube Keyword Research Goldmine'.

YouTube Keyword Research Goldmine by Gabriel Both

Gabriel Both

Author of 'How to Make $100,000 per Year Thanks To YouTube', and founder of Video Traffic Insider
"Cloud Campaign helps our agency manage over 1,000 clients on social media. There's no better solution out there!" - Clint Cobia, COO of 98 Buck Social

Dollar-A-Day Strategies for Facebook Ads

Lifetime Access

Make Facebook content marketing fun and profitable with just $1 a day!
The secret to success on social media is to build relationships. Discover the three proven steps necessary to get lukewarm leads to know, like, and trust you or your brand, and turn them into paying clients. Learn how to develop a natural and effective Facebook presence that drives leads to your website and transforms it into a money-making machine.
Learn to market on Facebook like a pro with the know-how to:

  • Plot your viral content storyboard to make you or your brand the authority for entertainment and educational content in your industry.
  • Understand how much it takes to get a qualified lead on your email list.
  • Tweak your offers to make them profitable and test your content with only $1 per day in advertising to see what content hits versus what flops!.

Scale beyond your wildest dreams with Sally Hendrick's 'Dollar-A-Day Strategies for Facebook Ads'.

Dollar-A-Day Strategies for Facebook Ads by Sally Hendrick

Sally Hendrick

Founder of Clean Slate Advertising and Social Media Traffic School
"Sally - great explanation of how the Dollar a Day method works on Facebook and beyond!" - Dennis Yu, inventor of the Dollar-A-Day Facebook advertising method

How to Rock Facebook Live Videos With Confidence

Lifetime Access

Increase sales and build community on Facebook, for FREE!
Power up your brand with the free, easily accessible business tool that allows you to connect with your audience quickly and effectively. Gain the confidence and how-to-steps to rock your live video! Perfect both for the beginner or anyone who wants to maximize this powerful free marketing tool.
Learn exactly what to say to keep the attention on you as an educator and entertainer, plus…

  • Get a walk-through on the best equipment set up (if you decide to use it).
  • Discover the inside track to exactly what content converts and smart strategies to keep your viewers with you to the end.
  • What to do with your video afterward to generate even more clients and sales, plus a comprehensive list of super-easy do's and don'ts to guarantee your best video success.

Deliver high converting videos like a pro with Lisa Pezik's 'How to Rock Facebook Live Videos With Confidence'.

How to Rock Facebook Live Videos With Confidence by Lisa Pezik

Lisa Pezik

International Best Selling Author and Speaker, Global Online Business Strategist and Content Expert
“I’ve been wanting more Facebook live classes to purchase and I came across yours. My granddaughter and I are going to be giving jewelry tutorials and I’ve been so nervous and afraid I couldn’t do it. You’ve given me the confidence and the tools to believe that we can do so. I was completely in the dark before this class. I’m very outgoing and I saw that you were too and I want to deliver my classes as you do!! Thanks for the wonderful class!!” - Teresa Thomas

Hashtag 101: How To Choose the Best Hashtags for YOU!

Lifetime Access

Get the 30 Instagram tags perfect for you or your brand instantly.
Discover this quick and easy hashtag strategy to come up with 30 hashtags for your Instagram posts in the least amount of time, plus create hashtag groups you can reuse later, with this tried and tested hashtag formula proven to work.
Learn how to:

  • Break down your 30 hashtags into 3 main groups.
  • Make the task of finding them easier and less overwhelming.
  • Use a shortcut to search for only 10 at a time.

Get #tagsavvy in no time with Sílvia Pinho's 'Hashtag 101: How To Choose the Best Hashtags for YOU!'

Hashtag 101 How To Choose the Best Hashtags for YOU! by Sílvia Pinho

Sílvia Pinho

Social Media Manager and Marketing & Business Coach
"So far the best informative class about hashtags (for me). Really like the structure. Looking forward to the next lesson with teacher Silvia." - M L.

OFFEO: Create Video Ads That Thrive On Social Media

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Create gorgeous, eye-catching videos like a design pro.
Grab the opportunity to publish stunning videos without any previous experience of motion graphics or design. With a decade of experience creating videos for established brands, OFFEO has put together everything you need to do the same with the click of a button.
Get ready to:

  • Create professional-looking video ads from scratch to market your product/service on all social media platforms.
  • Apply cool effects like fire, smoke, lens flare, shock waves, energy, explosions & much more.
  • Customize thousands of professional templates to suit your brand and message that can be posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest.

Boost your brand & impress your audience with OFFEO online video maker platform.

OFFEO Create Video Ads That Thrive On Social Media by Maggie Osama

Maggie Osama

Co-founder of Online Learning School Top Rated Instructor (38K+ Students) Bestselling Instructor
"Very informative. Easy to understand. Helped me get a much better grasp of OFFEO than I had before. Definitely worth it." - Alexander Leal

Full Blueprint: How To Become a Paid Influencer

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Learn the secret to becoming a paid influencer, even if you only have 100 followers.
The growing $10 billion influencer industry is flocking towards micro-influencers – those with between 100 - 100,000 followers… normal, everyday people like you. Prepare to uncover the secret of what separates influencers with 50,000 followers earning $0 and those who have 2,500 followers and earn thousands creating content they love.
Tap into the multi-million dollar experience of an influencer marketing campaign expert and learn:

  • All the how-to's, tips, tricks, and tools to grow loyal, trusting following online, PLUS get a guaranteed PAID collaboration when you graduate from the course.
  • How to grow your Instagram followers with an investment of fewer than 10 minutes per day with strategies to mimic top influencer's content in your own unique way.
  • How to create expert-level content that attracts premium quality brands you feel good promoting.

Get ready to live your life doing what you love with Ryan Kucey's 'Full Blueprint: How To Become a Paid Influencer'.

Full Blueprint How To Become a Paid Influencer by Ryan Kucey

Ryan Kucey

Influencer marketing agency owner, Co-Founder & Head Instructor at InfluencerMarketingCourses.com
"A very well structured and full of tons of useful info to become an online influencer. This course has answered all the possible questions I could think off regarding how to become an online influencer on Instagram. Would definitely recommend and can’t wait to get in touch with Ryan and learn more... Thanks a ton.." - Anonymous

Zuitte - Your Business, In One App™ (3 month subscription)

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Grab 50+ powerful tools to run and grow your brand, all in one convenient app!
Dive into a complete stack of software designed specifically for online entrepreneurs to help run and grow your business from one easy place. Purpose-built for dropshippers, Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon sellers, YouTubers, social influencers, freelancers, and everyday entrepreneurs and online business owners for mastering your business essentials without breaking the bank.

Zuitte saves you tons of money and time….

  • With over 50 individual tools that match or exceed the standalone competitors' tools at your disposal, you can use one app to do what 20+ other individual apps do
  • Research your competitors, analyze customer behavior, explore keyword ideas, drive more sales and stand out in your niche
  • Automate your social media platforms, schedule future posts, see customer interactions, grow your online presence and much more

Master all your brand's needs quickly and easily and save a fortune with the all-in-one power of Zuitte.

Zuitte - Your Business, In One App (3 month subscription) by Mat Hislop & Nigel Fahey

Mat Hislop & Nigel Fahey

Co-Founders of Zuitte
"Zuitte is a killer app that does it all. Literally every aspect of my business goes through Zuitte. Marketing, bookkeeping, research, customer management, everything! Since moving over to Zuitte i'm saving around $260 per month and being able to manage everything in one place is a huge time saver" Jason L - Shopify Seller

Ready Social (6 month subscription)

6 Month Access

Access the only social media curator with over 100k custom post options and never struggle with what to post again!
Are you tired of spending time, money, and energy coming up with things to post on social media, while also trying to stay relevant? Creating social media content for your business is hard - but it doesn't have to be. Ready Social is an idea board of 400+ content ideas and unlimited downloads.

Enjoy everything you will ever need to create content and…

  • Simply pick your topic, image, favorite caption - and post!
  • Get timely, handcrafted, customizable content delivered right to your Inbox.
  • Browse instant, carefully curated, handmade posts for you (with hashtags to match!).

Save time, post with ease, and stay relevant with 'Ready Social (6 month subscription)'.

Ready Social (6 month subscription) by Mike Moll

Mike Moll

The social media helper with 1000s of ready made social media posts
About Mike
Mike Moll has helped dozens of people make the transition from employee to an independent consultant. His first business was a grocery store app that was going to change the world, except it didn’t. After that, he got really good at finding the weak spots in products, business models, marketing strategies, and sales pitches. In the past 7 years, he has: •Helped over 100 business owners generate more qualified leads — and close them •Built and delivered dozens of consulting products •Spent millions of media dollars •Worked on thousands of marketing campaigns •Created and published over 70 hours of video content •Shared my knowledge on dozens of podcasts and been asked to speak at multiple conferences

Hopper HQ - Planning and Scheduling tool (3-month subscription)

3 Month Access

Grab the ultimate social media planning and scheduling tool for your brand.

Level up your social media presence with a suite of powerful planning, scheduling, editing, and drafting tools to save you time, produce better posts, and deliver a consistent branded presence across all social media platforms. Ranked number 1 for ease of use, Hopper HQ is extremely user-intuitive and primed to make your social media life as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Built for visual impact, get ready to create amazing posts, and easily design your feed aesthetic.
  • Do more in less time, from bulk editing to auto assigning scheduled time slots, nothing is more than one click away.
  • Utilize unlimited free team seats to collaborate on accounts between team members, or with clients.

Become a social media marketing pro with Mike Bandar's 'Hopper HQ - Planning and Scheduling tool (3 month subscription).'

Hopper HQ - Planning and Scheduling tool 3 month subscription by Mike Bandar

Mike Bandar

Co-founder of Hopper HQ
"Hopper HQ wins because of its easy to use interface. I can add my team - keeps us all on the same page... or feed! The calendar view is incredibly helpful. - Being able to preview posts ensures my Instagram feed is on point. - Really fast to connect to social media accounts compared to the competition." Daniel L. Marketing & Advertising.

Smarthash Business Plan (3 month subscription)

3 Month Access

Max your Instagram targeting with the only app in the world that lets you split test hashtags and rock your engagement!
Find out which hashtags are getting you the most impressions and engagement with this super-smart tool designed to help you get the most reach for your content.

Smarthash has everything to help you succeed on Instagram with access to…

  • Heat Maps that show which of your hashtags are reaching the most users.
  • A growing library of hashtags you can search and easily find related hashtags.
  • Daily Top 100 Hashtags ranked and ordered by how well they've performed by other users of Smarthash.

Ditch the guessing game and grab the hashtags that engage with Smarthash.

Smarthash Business Plan by Chris Allan Li

Chris Allan Li

Creator of Smarthash
"One of the best ways to get found on Instagram is to use the right hashtags and SmartHash is the best tool for finding and optimizing your hashtags. The moment I started using Smarthash for my photography business, and clients I offer social assistance for, I noticed an increase in engagement. The hashtag research feature is the best around, and the heatmap analysis of your used hashtags cannot be beaten. The fact that I can split test hashtags all the time means I will always know what works and what doesn't and can optimize for that. Smarthash is brilliant and I cannot wait to see what else is added to the app in the future." - Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Hashta.gr Pro (3 month subscription)

3 Month Access

Grab the hashtag generator that gives you the power to reach your target audience in seconds.

Unlock the time-saving power of viewing every related hashtag to any topic so you can quickly target the niche audiences you are searching for. Get the best hashtags for you to drive engagement on your social media channels and boost your content ranking and visibility.

  • Search any topic/hashtag and select from 50 matching hashtags.
  • Drill into any hashtag to discover another 20 related tags.
  • Compare usage count and relevancy to select tags, copy the tags you love into your posts or save into collections.

Give your brand its ultimate engagement advantage with 'Hashta.gr Pro' (3 month subscription).

Hashta.gr Pro 3 month subscription by Craig Doriot

Craig Doriot

CEO of Pound Social, Co-founder of dodl.es, Loansifter, and Yupi
"I created a list of hashtags using their app and was able to discover lesser known and used hashtags. My engagement skyrocketed, it was incredible! Definitely recommend this app if you’re serious about growing your audience on Instagram!" - Dolly Delorit

SocialBee.io (3 month subscription)

3 Month Access

Sharing content on your favorite platforms just got a whole lot easier!
Get the ultimate scheduling tool and start sharing content like a pro. Decide if your posts are evergreen or should only be posted once. Create variations, and go in-depth with customization. Analyze your audience, spy on your competitors, find your target audience on Twitter, and access tailor-made analytics and reports to take your reach to the max.

  • Schedule content from one place to share on all your profiles with tweaks so it suits each network's unique design.
  • Organize your posts into categories to create a better mix of content, a practice used by top social media specialists.
  • Upload your content in different formats and from various sources with ease and simplicity.

Make your social content scheduling smarter, faster, and sharper than ever with SocialBee.

SocialBee.io (3 month subscription) by Ovi Negrean

Ovi Negrean

Co-founder & CEO of SocialBee.io
"Before SocialBee we were facing a learning curve over more expensive Social Media Scheduling Softwares. Our hesitation was that SocialBee didn't have the name recognition of other platforms. But…We are so grateful that we tried a newer platform that over-delivers on quality of service, support, and pricing. We were delighted to see that not only was the platform cost-effective for our needs, but we also had plenty of premium support options - which we required. The platform, itself, offers a good balance of functionality and ease-of-use and the support is amazing. It has enabled our company to work more efficiently and with greater response time on our Social Media accounts. We particularly love the user-friendly interface and the ability to access all our social media accounts simultaneously...It is a solid Social Media Scheduling and Management Platform with a really great support system behind it. I feel like we brought on a partner - as opposed to just buying a SAAS platform." Josh Elledge - CEO & Founder at UpMyInfluence, https://UpMyInfluence.com

Stencil Pro or Unlimited (30% off for life)

Lifetime Access

Create engaging content with the web's favorite graphic design tool.

Create engaging graphics on-the-fly. It's built for speed and to help you save time. The best part is…You don’t have to be a graphic designer to use it! It's perfect for creating blog images, social media graphics, ebook covers, and so much more. Not only that, Stencil has all the assets you need built-in:

  • Millions of incredible stock photos and premium icons safe to use anywhere you want.
  • Thousands of pre-made templates and unique fonts so you never have to start from scratch.
  • Browser add-ons so you can create graphics even faster from anywhere on the web.

Save time looking good with Stencil.

Stencil Pro or Unlimited by Adam Rotman

Adam Rotman

Co-founder of Stencil
- 4.8/5 Rating on Capterra (With over 400 reviews!) - 4.5 Star Rating Trustpilot - The Stencil extension has been a top feature multiple times on the Chrome Web Store - Summer 2019 and Spring 2020 High Performer on G2

Cloud Campaign (75% off 4 month Agency subscription)

4 Month Access

The ultimate social media management platform for marketing multiple brands.
Through superior automation and streamlined workflows, Cloud Campaign helps double the number of brands you can manage with ease. White-labeling and in-depth client reports lets you punch above your weight by earning more with less investment of your time and energy!

  • Generate 1-click at-a-glance client reports with analytics for all of your linked social media accounts.
  • Store all of your creative assets in a library with unlimited storage and automatically generate content from YouTube, a blog, store, or any other data source.
  • Post consistently using a weekly schedule, recycle posts over time using a drip schedule, or dynamically trigger posts based on weather events or trends.

Power up your brand to earn twice as much with half the time and effort with a 'Cloud Campaign' four month subscription.

Cloud Campaign Agency Subscription by Ryan Born

Ryan Born

CEO of Cloud Campaign
"Cloud Campaign helps our agency manage over 1,000 clients on social media. There's no better solution out there!" - Clint Cobia, COO of 98 Buck Social

RecurPost Medium Plan (6 month subscription)

6 Month Access

RecurPost helps you manage all major social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Twitter, Instagram and more in the works.

You setup your schedule once, not for each post.

It is super easy to upload new posts to RecurPost via CSV, from a website URL, or even Google alerts.

Save time by automating your social media with RecurPost.

RecurPost Medium Plan (6 Month Subscription) by Dinesh Agarwal

Dinesh Agarwal

Research scientist turned entrepreneur, Founder of RecurPost
"I've used many scheduling tools over the years and RecurPost Is The One That Saves Me The Most Time. I can load it up with posts for clients and my own blog content and then not have to touch it again for weeks. I also love having the ability to stop and start libraries at the touch of a button, which is so important in an ever changing news environment." - Claire Hall, Freelance PR Consultant and Travel Blogger


Unlock the secrets of the world's best social media marketers and rocket your brand to the top. Expand your reach, influence, and profit with The Social Media Super Stack, today.

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"The Social Media Influencer Super Stack is a must have for any marketer, or business owner. Definitely don't miss this deal!"

Adam Rotman
Co-founder of Stencil

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Claire Petersen - Award-winning Photographer, Course Creator, and Innovator
Claire Petersen was a winner of €10,000 as a Recipient of the NIVEA CO-LAB Award. This award was given on the basis of her innovation which envisaged a new way for consumers to connect through technology and social media. Claire's photography has been featured in publications and websites around the world, including the Irish Times.
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