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PLR.me is the industry leading provider of done-for-you white label content for coaches and consultants. It’s like the

PLR.me is the industry-leading provider of done-for-you white label content for coaches and consultants. It’s like the iStockPhoto for coaching content.

With your Coach to Profit purchase, you get 10 download credits PLUS 2 bonus credits each month!

You can choose from over 13,000 brandable coaching resources, including:

– Articles & Affirmations (1 credit each)

– Worksheets & Checklists (1 credit)

– Assessments (1 credit)


Learn How To Build Your Own Coaching Business And Live The Online Business Lifestyle

In this course Felix Harder will show you how to build a highly profitable coaching business in any industry.

Harder lays out the blueprint for you to follow so you can get started today and live the online business lifestyle.

In the program, you will be led through all the important factors to succeed as a coach, including:

– How to find the right niche

– How to define your coaching offer

– How to find clients that are willing to pay you a lot of money

– How to market your business and grow long term

Are you a new or aspiring freelancer, consultant or coach dying to get out of the corporate world and into a profitable $100K+ business? Get step-by-step guidance for building your brand and online business.

✓ Discover how you can land clients online [without being an influencer]
✓ Find simple strategies for converting leads into clients [without being sleazy or salesy]
✓ Learn to price & package your services based on your value [rather than your time]
✓ Get the top tricks for marketing yourself as a high-value service provider

Download this guide and get ready to profit fast!

You don’t make one cookie at a time. You shouldn’t create one piece of content at a time either. The Map Your Content e-course teaches you my simple “cookie batch” system for online content creators to create up to 90 days of quality content efficiently.

Get ready to:

– turn 1 piece of content into 5+

– increase your visibility without burning out on social media

– become consistent in your messaging and build loads of brand trust

– never feel lost about what to create next

“The “God” in Coaching – The Key to a Happy Life” is all about when Science and Spirit meet in the coaching process. Coaches, learn how to tap into your highest wisdom, to put an end to sickness, unhappy workplaces, high divorce rates, drugs, starving children, natural disasters and the suffering of all beings. Mind-Kinetics® teaches us how to use our subconscious and brilliant superconscious minds as resources for permanent positive change in our lives. Learn award-winning tools like The Brain Walk® and think like an Einstein! Expect Miracles.

“Content Marketing Strategy Template, Completion Guideline and Example” contains a Content Strategy Template and an ebook that explains how to complete a content strategy on your own for your coaching business. It also provides an already completed example for further guidance. This aims to save time and hassle for solopreneurs and coaches that want to put in place an articulated content strategy without external help. The Content Strategy Template is a handy tool to accelerate and simplify the process of creating a content strategy.

“Achieve Your Goals: Practical Skills to Make Your Dreams Come True” is a step by step course designed to:

– Establish a clear vision of where you want to be headed.

– Translate your vision into attainable goals.

– Gain the motivation, skills, and tools to actualize your goals.

When you sign up to Buddy&Soul through Infostack, you get free access to Achieve Your Goals, along with over 45+ Science-based courses on a wide range of empowering topics, which every coach could benefit from!

Perfect for coaches, speakers, consultants. Speech Structure = Speaking Success. Build your business & credibility with good presentation skills. Delivering talks to groups is the best, low-cost way to market your services. You may have great content, however, you still need a good speech structure.

Save time with a proven formula to design speeches. Master storytelling, audience connection, opening with impact, & getting buy-in for your ideas.

1 year of 24-7 unlimited access to interactive on-line learning course. Learn from speaking industry legend. Available 24-7 on all your devices.

“The 90-Day Productivity Plan & Cultivate Your Hustle Workbook” will help you create and grow an online business you adore and make an impact doing what you love!

– Worksheets to help you get clear and figure out your immediate next step

– Tutorial videos to walk you through all the tech so you’re not flailing trying to figure it out

– Templates to get you up and running with a 90-day plan

“The Train Your Brain Formula for Getting Clients” reveals HOW to leverage the most powerful asset you have — your mind. This five-module online video course explains in simple language, HOW your brain works and how to use it to attract clients who pay and stay.

Say goodbye to self-doubt and financial worry. When you leverage the power of mindset using these easy-to-implement “Mindware Experiments” from Dana Wilde, you will create consistent income and work with clients you love.

All of the marketing strategies in the world can’t make up for a messy mindset. This course shows you the way.