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Celebrate your special occasion without suffering consequences on the scale!
Zero deprivation! Seven unique and delicious recipes that will wow your guest from appetizer to dessert! Your friends and family won’t believe you when you tell them this is how you eat to lose weight! They’ll beg you for the recipes.

Perfect nutritional breakdown for your keto lifestyle! Eat a serving from each recipe and you’ll get about 73% calories from fat, 19% from protein 8% from carbs. That’s the great keto ratio!
Celebrate every course the keto way with Becky Gillaspy's 'Keto Party Plan'.

Personal, yet whimsical and informed plunge into lowering carbs.
A perfect starting point; it contains not just recipes, but the rules and know-how to get you there. With a foreword by celebrity chef and good friend George Stella, an influential voice in the ketogenic & low-carb lifestyle community, this is far more than an ordinary cookbook, this book is all-in-one!

What you'll get:

Lose weight, increase energy, and extend your life with intermittent fasting.
When you eat is as important as what you eat. In the grand scheme of humanity, it is a relatively new concept to be able to eat whatever we want whenever we want. No wonder cases of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are on the rise: we are scientifically not built for the Standard American Diet.

Fasting is not only a path to fat loss, but also a way to increase your energy and longevity. No one is telling you this because there is no product to sell.

In this course, you will learn the science behind intermittent fasting, we will debunk myths, and you will walk away knowing how to integrate the practice into your life immediately.
Superboost your energy and health with Delaine Ross's 'Look Better, Feel Better, and Live Longer: The How's and Why's of Intermittent Fasting'.

Heal chronic disease with the healing power of food.
Best-selling author Dr. Anya Szigeti DC, MBA shares about food and its potential medicinal properties. She utilized food as medicine to halt and reverse her own chronic disease. As a doctor, she regularly helps her patients improve their health through the food they eat, and now she can help you too.

Her guidebook sorts through the confusing and conflicting information surrounding diet and nutrition while providing over 100 healing, delicious, and easy-to-follow recipes. You have the power to live a healthy life, and the key lies at the end of your fork!
Change your life for the better with Dr. Anya Szigeti's 'You Can't Outrun Your Fork: How to Break the Cycle of Feeling Sick & Tired and Transition to a Healthier Life, Naturally'.

Overcome thinking errors, make smarter choices, and become the best version of yourself.

For anyone and everyone convinced of the limitless potential of the human mind. Intelligent thinking will help you overcome thinking errors, and reveal advanced and effective techniques to think intelligently.

It is for everyone who wants to improve their thinking capability, improve decision making, and think smarter.


Take advantage of powerful mind hacks with Som Bathla's 'Intelligent Thinking'.

Experience the life-changing magic of the ultimate self-transformation tool.
Get the tools to identify and resolve problems you have control over and practices that empower healing, growth, and transformation.

You'll be guided through exercises and steps to help you:

Transform your life from the inside out with Mari L. McCarthy's 'Start Journaling For The Health Of It Write Now'.

Ditch the keto confusion and get simple, reliable answers from top keto experts.
You’ve probably seen all of the success stories about the ketogenic diet. You’ve done your research, but nothing makes sense. There’s so much confusion! Do you count total or net carbs? Should you eat a lot of protein or not? Is keto safe long term? What happens when you fall off the wagon?

We've spent well over a decade using keto to battle our own health issues and to help thousands of patients and clients lose fat and regain their health. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. We have the answers to what works and what doesn’t.

You can be successful with the ketogenic diet. You can finally lose that fat. You can take control of your brain. You can reclaim your life and restore your health. And it’s simpler than you think…
Get the ultimate keto diet resource with Chris Irvin's 'The Keto Answers Book'.

Make great choices fast, at work and personally.

Our decisions build on themselves to create our lives, so even small choices can lead to great significance. This course will set you up to make great decisions at work, business, and in your personal life.

You'll learn the:

Gain direction and meaning in your life with Yvonne Lines's 'Values Based Decision-Making'.

Use movement, self-reflection, and psychological exercises to reveal your resilient, inner badass.
Discover this special way to shrug off the weight of stress and anxiety and get clear on your purpose. This unique online course combines mind, body, and soul to create a 360° transformation.

This is for you if you'd like to:

Get ready to move, breathe, and live in powerful, calm intention with Taryn Raine's 'Resiliency Breakthrough: Release Stress & Get Clear on Your Purpose'.

Heal yourself of chronic physical, psychological, and emotional distress.
Learn how to invoke Chakra Healing Energy on demand, at will. Sandeep provides a practical meditative process for the complete beginner and explains 'how to mediate' with a clean slate.

Since he has had the benefit of learning from masters from across India, China, Tibet and Japan, he offers an unmatched blend of foundational knowledge and practical application.
The cause of dis-ease (physical, emotional, physiological or psychological) is (in energy terms) the blocking / contamination / stagnation of energy, the healing process is effected by diluting it with an abundance of universal energy. Here's where you learn how to do that.


Use the power of the universe to heal yourself with Sandeep Nath's 'Inner Power of Chakra Healing Meditation'.