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Go plant based with these clever dinners and habits.
Specially created for those seeking to decrease their use of animal products (meat, dairy, eggs) and/or vegan processed foods.
Discover the powerful science of habit transformation to help you develop the meal planning and weekend prep routines you need to cook and eat plant-based whole foods made from scratch 5 days per week with zero stress.
You'll get:

Say goodbye to struggling to decide what to make for dinner with Brigitte Gemme's 'Plan & Prep Habit Builder' (3-month program).

Journey into the healing and rejuvenating power of plant based whole foods.
Get ready to be guided through everyday food preparation skills, how to prepare nutritious meals, and shift your lifestyle towards abundant health. We've helped hundreds around the world discover how food affects their health, how to make delicious, gourmet meals that 'wow', and how to revitalize energy on a cellular level all from the comfort of their own kitchens.
Our Intro course will provide a rich understanding of whole food, plant based lifestyle with a focus on raw foods. We will dive into the nutritional benefits of the food we eat and even share some of the most essential tricks in the plant-based kitchen, especially knife skills and taste balancing - which is keystone skills of a master chef.
Embark on a plant-based adventure with Danielle Arsenault's 'Introduction to a Raw Food Plant-Based Lifestyle Certificate'.

Now it is possible to make high-quality dairy-free desserts!

A patisserie book full of fresh new ideas and techniques for making plant-based macarons.

Enjoy all the sweet things you love with Rommel Reyes's 'The Green Macarons: 100% Plant-based & Vegan Potato Protein'.

Discover more than 100 effective ways to accelerate weight loss.
Success with weight-loss is about finding the pathway you need and selecting the one(s) that work with your physiology and personality. This easy-to-read and supremely fascinating book offer more than 100 actionable ways to achieve rapid success.

The ultimate vegan cookbook curated by the #1 plant-based platform on social media.
Dive into this award-winning cookbook curated by the team at Coconut Bowls and discover the world's best vegan recipes.

Explore the world's top vegan recipes with the Coconut Bowls' 'Vegan Bowls'.

Cook plant based dishes with ease and get fantastic results with a Michelin Star chef.

When you increase your technical skill and understand your product and you will soon be cooking just like a Michelin Star chef! Get full access to the combined result of many questions asked, problems presented, and solutions given to over 30,000 home cooks in countless face-to-face cooking classes.

You'll learn:

Get Michelin Star training with Walter Trupp's Plant Based Online Cooking Course.

Discover the secret to eliminating pain and reaching the weight you want in just four weeks. 

Get everything you need to know about whole food plant based meal prep and planning, grocery shopping, and setting up your kitchen with full access to the online Academy and its private group where you can ask questions, browse bonus expert interviews, and download excel spreadsheets to plan your meals and grocery lists for the week, plus one entire month's worth of plant-based meal plans!
You'll unlock the secrets to:

Release the full power of your mind, body, and health with Maria Yanay-Triner's Vegan Meal Prep for Wellness.

From recipe to table in less than 30 minutes.
Get fabulous, straightforward gluten-free, vegan recipes at your fingertips.

Keep it simple and delicious with Julia Shannahan's 'FriFran's 30-Minute Autumn'.

Raise your children to their highest potential with this powerful raw food guide.
With the science simplified for parents to understand, this book offers the knowledge to help parents to uplift themselves and their children to true health.

Give your family its best start with Karen Ranzi's 'Creating Healthy Children: Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Food'.

Save up to $200 on your food bill and feel and look your best with the Mediterranean diet.
Considered by health experts to be "the #1 plant-based diet" for three years in a row, research shows it can reduce your risk of heart disease, depression, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more by as much as 33%! Enjoy full access to delectable recipes, practical information, and expert dietitian support.


Start living the healthy Mediterranean way with Jamie Adams's 'Mediterranean Diet Made Easy: The Complete 21-day Meal Plan Bundle for Optimal Health'.