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Craft Your Homeschool Vision and Achieve Your Goals

This ebook explains the why and how of creating your homeschool mission statement. The accompanying workbook will guide you with questions you can ask yourself as you write your own.

• Write a homeschool mission statement that will guide you in your goals over time
• For new and seasoned homeschoolers alike, regardless of curriculum choices or methods
• Gain a vision for your homeschool and teach with joy and confidence

Purposeful Homeschooling: Cultivating Your Homeschool Vision is not a typical homeschool planner. It is a mindset shift that will take your homeschooling journey to the next level. Are you ready to make the shift?

170+ Fun Learning Activities for Your Preschooler

The Ultimate Kindergarten Prep Guide is a collection of fun, hands-on math, language arts, science, social studies, and life skill activities that will help prepare your child for kindergarten.

• 170+ fun, hands-on, low-prep activities for parents to prepare their preschooler for kindergarten
• Educational activities makes learning fun so your child learns while playing
• Gives your child a head start and fuels their curiosity

No longer will you need to search the internet for ideas. This guide gives you everything you need to have fun while teaching your child.

The Ultimate Planner for the Homeschooling Parent

Planning your homeschool year has never been easier with Heritage Grove Academy's Awesome Homeschool Planner. It's the homeschool planner with everything you’ll ever need to completely plan and personalize everything for your students from K-12. It's packed with:

• Over 300 individual pages for parents and students to choose from and create a customized homeschool planner
• Includes letters of notification, medical records, portfolio covers, evaluation forms, progress report cards, attendance records, objectives, and dated calendars for year-at-a-glance and monthly
• Planning pages include options for: subject planning, yearly planning, quarterly planning, weekly and daily planning, daily and weekly schedules, chore charts, book lists, curriculum wish list, and more!

Also included: notebooking pages for students with biographies, book reports, root word studies, hymn studies, spelling and vocabulary list pages, and portfolio covers.

All Your Homeschool Planning and Tracking Needs in One Easy Place

Take the hassle out of homeschooling with a robust back office system that handles all your homeschool planning, grading, and tracking needs, including lesson planning, attendance taking, automatic grading, up to the second grade averaging, and of course, what My Home School Grades is best known for, fantastic transcripts that make your student look great!

• Choose from an extensive curriculum collection or add your own, plus view your lessons side by side with your events for the day. Schedule individual or recurring events. Quickly move forward in time to see what you need to prepare.
• Manage your student’s grades. The program averages grades and determines GPAs so you can throw the calculator away
• Professionally report what you've accomplished. The library of document options gives the flexibility to provide as much or as little information as needed to meet state or local reporting requirements.

Make your homeschool admin a breeze with My Home School Grades. Questions? No problem, the platform comes complete with world-class support by email and phone.

This Easy App Will Help You Get Organized and Right on Track

CheckYourPlanner is the perfect way for busy families to organize their homeschool day. The app helps you quickly plan the school year, track each student’s progress, and stay flexible as life happens.

• See student progress at a glance
• Super flexible: with one click the app adjusts all daily checklists needed accommodate your schedule changes
• Incomplete tasks automatically roll to the next day, so late assignments never get lost in the shuffle

Feeling disorganized, like your homeschool needs a solid plan? Get back on track today with CheckYourPlanner.

Plan. Adapt. Progress. The Ultimate App for Organized Moms.

The Flexible Homeschool App is an online homeschool planner for organized moms who want to stay focused on providing a quality education for their children. Features include:

• Progress meters to show exactly how much you have accomplished for the year, term and week
• Compilation of lists of homeschool resources (books, links, videos, audio, apps). Attach resources to school work for later reference and your records
• Customizable and printable reports help with state requirements and make record keeping a breeze

The Flexible Homeschool App flows around the realities of life and adapts to your changing schedule. No matter how your day goes, you will be able to handle the unexpected without any extra effort.

Teach Your Child Critical-Thinking Skills for a Successful Future

The Teach Your Child “How to Think” e-course with mentoring is a 3-step process to teach your child to think for themselves, solve problems and make wise decisions so they can stand on their own two feet and influence others in the future. Over the course of six weeks, you will:

• Access a 3-step strategy to train your child to think on their own in any area of study
• Learn how to teach your child to implement critical thinking skills at home
• Receive encouragement and hands-on methods to mentor your child

There's no time like the present to teach your children to think critically and prepare them to influence and impact the world around them in a positive, insightful way.

Create the Perfect Homeschool Environment Tailored to the Unique Needs of Your Family

Homeschool planning is one of the greatest challenges many parents face. Keeping up with a homeschool schedule, daily lessons, and the curriculum can be a struggle. But it doesn’t have to be! It comes down to creating a personalized system that works for your family and lifestyle, then learning how to maintain it. This e-course will show you how to:

• Build homeschool consistency that suits the natural rhythms of your family
• Limit stress for the family and cultivate peace and joy
• Create an environment that promotes learning

Learn how to master planning for your unique homeschool and maintain it for good - today!

Put Those Grumbles Away and Wake up to Happier Days

Our family of 11 recently took on the challenge of trying to go "Grumble Free" for one year. We weren't perfect, but we improved so much! Now everyone asks me, "How can MY family do it?!" I made the 30-Day-Challenge to help others achieve gratitude and harmony in their family, too!

• Features dozens of uplifting activities to do with your family
• Tried and tested with my own family of 11 with proven success
• Improve your family's home life and see a marked increase in positivity and motivation

With so many wonderful and affirmative things to read, do, and watch together each day for 30 days, you will be amazed at the shift in your family, too. Get ready for the Grumble Free life!

Go from Insecure to Fearless with The Confident Homeschooler

Serena Ryan developed the 4 Pillar Framework to turn an insecure parent considering homeschooling into a confident, fearless homeschooling parent with a plan for success. With her course you will be able to:

• Immerse yourself in 8 in-depth video modules plus participate in weekly Q&A and live coaching sessions with Serena Ryan
• Connect with a community of other homeschool parents
• Learn the homeschooling laws, how to choose a curriculum, create your roadmap and more

"Homeschool With Confidence" is a "Homeschooling 101" Course and so much more, including 8-weeks of community and live coaching!