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How to come up with winning ideas for stories.

High Concept Drills will make it second nature to you to come up with ideas that will make it more fun to write your books and make them much easier to sell.

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Get great book reviews easily!

The key to a successful book is having great reviews. Reviews let the reader know if you’re someone they can trust, and the more authentic, stellar reviews you receive, the better. That’s why you need a tool like BookConnect.

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Create film-ready scripts with intuitive, user friendly software.

WriterDuet Pro is a professional script writing software with industry-standard formatting so you can write your script in the correct way the first time.

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Plan your entire story in one cohesive space.

Campfire Pro is the best way to keep track of stories in a way that's intuitive, convenient, and enjoyable. It also helps you flesh out your characters, find plot holes, and view your story in a more visual format. Perfect for writers, novelists, and anyone with a story to tell.

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The ultimate plotting tool for your writing.

Plot Factory is an online story planning and writing app tailor-made for helping authors plan, organize, and write their stories. We offer the most streamlined, intuitive, and easy-to-use web software to make writing enjoyable, and to keep a better handle on large projects.

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Help bring order to the chaos of creativity.

The Novel Factory is software which helps new authors complete their first manuscript and established authors become more productive. It saves time and frustration by keeping track of characters, locations, drafts, subplots and much more.

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Create worlds that come to life for your reader.

Notebook.ai is a smart, online worldbuilding notebook that helps you flesh out and organize your ideas for fictional worlds and the people, places, and things within them.

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Want a custom, stunning book cover at half price?

The first thing a potential reader will see about your books is the cover. If it's shoddy, they'll assume the book is too. Don't take any chances and get your next cover designed for you at half price! No expiration.

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Get professional feedback on your entire manuscript.

A professional manuscript review is a comprehensive and global analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your book draft. You’ll get insight from a professional editor about everything from structure to plotting to characterization to pacing in your work-in-progress.

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Professional, affordable formatting — so you can get right back to writing.

As a writer, the last thing you want to do when you’re finished your book is format it. Putting in thousands of indentations, fixing the table of contents, making sure it all looks good in every format… let us do it for you.

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