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Want to plan your books without getting lost in a blaze of distractions? Plottr is the easy-to-use visual outlining software that allows plotting to FINALLY be the creative process it’s supposed to be!

Enjoyed by thousands of new, established, and bestselling writers like Michael Anderle and Celia Kyle, Plottr offers a laser-focused suite of outlining tools to help you move your books quickly from idea to execution:

Whether you’re an outlining pro or your journey is just beginning, Plottr is here for you – with top notch support, video tutorials and docs, a friendly Facebook Group community, and a constant stream of updates and new features.

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Boost your story with the power of words.

Dive into this clever resource and give your story the benefit of several years of research on the richness and subtleties of the English language with writing techniques guaranteed to make your story shine.

Level up your writer's toolkit with Cindy Roger's 'Revision Power: The Best Words to Write With'.

Get a valuable roadmap to effortlessly engage the right audience and achieve the results you want.
When you understand how writing and marketing (and everything else you do related to your book) are interconnected, suddenly, selling books isn't nearly so hard.

Follow this easily repeatable, goal-oriented framework to:

Learn what it takes to make your book a success with Tara R. Alemany's 'Publish with Purpose: A Goal-Oriented Framework for Publishing Success'.

Energize your characters' emotions with more than 4,000 nonverbal communication phrases.
Are you tired of conjuring up fresh ways to describe a gaze, smile, or sigh? Then you'll love this 100-page printable toolkit packed with more than 4,000 emotional phrases arranged into easy-to-digest lists. Suitable for writers of all fiction genres and of creative nonfiction.

Part reference book and part workbook, this system will grow with you throughout your writing journey. Including:

Transform your characters' emotions and write stronger scenes faster with Stacy Juba's 'The Energize Your Writing Toolkit: Cheat Sheets for Character Emotions'.

Learn to write and publish short stories from a NYT bestselling author.

Taught by a New York Times bestselling author with more than a decade of experience teaching creative writing at the graduate level, you'll get a solid foundation in writing and publishing short fiction. If you've always wanted to write a story but don't know where to begin, this course is for you.
Each module focuses on an essential element of narrative craft. In the final module, you'll learn how to revise your story and submit it for publication.
In this detailed, nuts-and-bolts course, you'll learn:

Get your short story published with Michelle Richmond's 'Writing Fiction: Master the Short Story'.

Your step-by-step guide to successfully write and publish short stories.
This comprehensive guide will show you how to successfully write and publish short stories from developing an idea of attracting readers online. Especially for beginners to short story writing as well as beginning fiction writers.

Inside, you'll learn how to:

Write and publish your short story with confidence with Nick Turner's 'How to Write a Short Story: A Complete Guide'.

Create characters that stay with your audience long after the story is over.
Dive into an intriguing mix of theory and exercises designed to help you to take your character writing to the next level.

Make your characters unforgettable with Mark Boutros's 'The Craft of Character: How to create deep and engaging characters your audience will never forget'.

Powerful inspiration to help you get seen, express yourself and connect through your writing.
With relentless positivity, full-on authenticity, and a punk rock thunder spirit, author Jeff pulls back the curtain on the creative process and reminds us that we are all creative SuperStars.

You'll discover how to:

Get your creative juices flowing with Jeff Leisawitz's 'Not Fing Around: The No Bullsht Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground'.

The proven writing system to become a prolific writer.
Ideal for writers who want to avoid putting pressure on themselves to write 500 or 1,000 words a day and instead just set a target that works!
You'll learn how to:

Get into the flow with Bryan Collins's 'Conquer Writer's Block'.

Discover how to write your book in a weekend!

The biggest reason most authors struggle to translate thoughts and ideas onto paper is lack of a writing framework. The Super System for Authors framework is something you can use right away (and also helps you discover your own framework).

I recently hosted a virtual summit, and needed a book to give away free. Because I had a system in place (the Super System framework), I was able to write the book in 4 hours.

Must not have been that good, right? Wrong. That book helped me make a 20k sale within a week.

Learn how to write your book fast with Ray Brehm's 'Super System For Authors Masterclass'