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The World Peace Diet Transformation Package offers keys to optimizing your physical, mental, and spiritual health, and also to contribute to healing our society and the Earth. It includes a copy of Dr. Tuttle's acclaimed international best-seller, The World Peace Diet, downloadable in both e-book and audio-book formats. Additionally, it includes his beloved audio guided meditation, World Peace Meditations, featuring his voice and original uplifting and relaxing piano music.

Understand the hidden roots of our individual and collective problems to resolve them
Learn how to thrive, building a solid foundation of health, and sharing effectively with others
Connect with your inner wisdom and genius, and activate your healing potential
Build harmonious, empowering, and joy-filled relationships

Purchased separately, these three downloads would be $35.00.

Now you can get all three for just $17, less than half price. Let the awakening begin! Our health is interconnected with our awareness and our world. Thanks for caring and participating in the World Peace Diet Transformation.

Use Hypnosis with Visualization to multiply the power of Law of Attraction. The key to success with Law of Attraction is being able to form mental images. Learn to communicate the language of the subconscious and attract what you really want!

By practicing daily, you are going to learn how to increase your visualization and you can notice that as you become better at visualizing, you can be better equipped to create the life you imagine, and learn to create miracles. Utilize untapped energy of your mind to support your life and well-being. Accept, believe, and expect new possibilities!

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This DIY feng shui course gives you ancient wisdom with the most practical application. There’s no reason to pay for expensive one-on-one sessions when you can be the master of your own feng shui domain.

Feng Shui is a vast art and science that does take years to master, however, this Course will give you the information you need to start making immediate, conscious changes in your home that will put into effect desired changes in your life.


"Turn fleeting moments of harmony into your permanent state.

"The Calm Center" complete 5 lesson ecourse is designed to show you the essential aspects of spiritual awakening and to guide you through the process of transformation. It will help to cultivate the fleeting moments of harmony that we all experience from time to time so that they can become our permanent state. The course includes poetic spiritual reflections and meditations, with exercises and discussions based upon them.

THOUSANDS have benefited from this PROVEN NINE-Lesson journey of self-discovery! Ignite your Ascended Heart! At home and at your pace! Learn & APPLY the tools, personal insights, and KNOWLEDGE to SUCCESS-FULLY navigate the density. Regardless of where you feel you are on your journey of Awakening, Navigating the Inner Matrix will EXPAND your insights, FREE your false perceptions of "the self", and IGNITE your Divine Inspiration!

A UNIQUE Self-guided program that focuses your consciousness as you lift your vibration to ignite the Violet Flame of Mastery. Nine audio lessons w/full-color PDF per class. Ready to empower your divine nature? Because you KNOW YOUR READY FOR MORE!
BONUS INCLUDED! PDF of Sri & Kira's groundbreaking book - Sacred Union: The Journey Home! The Path of Authenticity!

The Relaxation Meditation Album is a complete toolkit for relaxation, containing:
- three calming meditation tracks
- a bonus relaxing music track
- a beautiful PDF meditation journal.
At the end of a long day when you’re struggling to switch off and de-stress, the Relaxation Meditation Album will guide you to calm your body and mind with simple and effective meditation techniques.

The Mindful Body Program introduces you to a new way to improve your health and manage your weight without dieting. This program is for anyone who struggles with their body in any way (weight, diet, exercise, health issues, aches and pains or sleep issues) and wants to do something about it once and for all. By following the principles in this program, you’ll break free from the cycle of failure with diet and exercise programs and never experience failure again. You’ll move from guilt, shame or being unhappy about your body to loving every part of you. You’ll go from stressed out and run down to alive and energetic.

Live True vividly illustrates and breaks down the philosophy of Mindfulness, and what it means to live in the present moment; authentically. “Mindfulness and authenticity are inexorably linked. It keeps us honest,” writes Ora Nadrich in her timely, and much needed book on raising awareness and consciousness of who we are, and more importantly; who we are not. Each of the thirty brisk, informative chapters, not only showcase Ora’s effective techniques for living in the present moment with authenticity, but also, in her warm narrative style, guides us through various aspects of effective Mindful behavior, while pinpointing the challenges that impede us from connecting to ourselves authentically, and the dangers of not living in total awareness.

With your purchase of "The Zen Lifestyle Super Stack" you'll also get two 1-hour group phone calls with Mary O'Malley.

When you join, you will enter a safe place where you can listen to wisdom that will bring ease and joy into your life. And if it calls to you, you can ask questions, share experiences and insights and gather wisdom from other people who are also committed to awakening. If the timing doesn’t work for you, you can email questions and Mary will answer them on the call. Also, audio recordings of the calls will be available to you.

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SoulSpeak helps introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive people navigate challenging conversations with grace and confidence. Tired of feeling like you're never heard or having trouble communicating what you need? SoulSpeak teaches you how to:

When you register, you'll get lifetime access to this self-paced video training course, which includes simple clarifying practices to help you bust through your communication blocks for good.